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Modern architecture, in new and existing environments, creates customized and highly recognizable living spaces that emphasize fantastic features. Sefar’s fabrics substantially contribute to design possibilities in the area of façades as well as interior applications. Sefar's fabrics are used in remarkable buildings around the world and designers take advantage of the breadth of the Sefars' product’s diversity.  
SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric interlayers are black precision fabrics, which are laminated in a glass composite, generally with a one-sided metallic coating or additional printing, for use on façades. Double-sided coating and printing are also possible and ideal for facade fins and louvers.
SEFAR Architecture VISION fabrics lend your façade incomparable elegance and aesthetics. The combination of the metallic treatment, three-dimensionality, and virtually unlimited colour and motif design options creates a vibrant, iridescent, exciting, and irresistible look for your façade. At the same time, the fabrics positively influence the physics of the building by reducing thermal heat gain through high energy reflection. The interior, black side of the fabric ensures a clear view outside from inside the building. This is the so-called 'one-way vision effect.'
A multitude of colours and designs open up new perspectives for visual design. Here, we are presenting three, recent projects that utilized SEFAR Architecture VISION fabrics in their building envelope. These display both Sefar’s internationality as well as the versatility of SEFAR Architecture VISION fabrics.


City Walk Jumeirah, Dubai (AE)

The City Walk Jumeirah project in Dubai is a multi-story residential and commercial building with an aluminized coated fabric and 25% open space (AL260/25).

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Jersey International Finance Center (UK)

A two-sided, printed version with 50% open space (AL 260/50B) was utilized for the Jersey International Finance Center project in Jersey (UK).

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Goldin Financial Global Center, Hongkong

In contrast, a more open fabric with 55% open space was selected for the Goldin Financial Global Center project in Hong Kong (AL 260/55). It was implemented in a vertical, recessed part of the façade, thereby dividing the façade’s surface in an architecturally exciting way.

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Sefar Architecture

Creative and functional architectural fabrics

SEFAR Architecture fabric&glass

SEFAR Architecture VISION fabrics are often used in interior areas, mostly with double-sided metallic coating and, if necessary, also color printing. This allowsfor the creation of architectural and design highlights in the area of partition walls or railing panels.

SEFAR Architecture fabric&light

SEFAR Architecture fabric&light fabrics are translucent, photometric PVDF fabrics with acoustic and light-diffusing properties for use in illuminated ceilings and walls, lamellar constructions, room dividers, or acoustic sails, to name a few. 
A number of different installation systems are available.

SEFAR Architecture fabric&weather

SEFAR Architecture fabric&weather is a 100% PTFE-based fabric with industry leading levels of light translucency for use in tensile membrane designs. Available in closed and open-mesh solutions to achieve complete weather protection as well as aesthetic, textile building envelopes. For example, for membrane and lamellar constructions, Fabric Facades, folding and kinetic canopies, roofing, and awnings.


Sefar AG

Sefar is the world’s leading manufacturer of monofilament, precision fabrics for solving customer-specific problems in filtration and screen-printing applications, industrial and technical processes, and in architecture.